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Building a website is just the beginning of your journey in attracting more customers online.

Once you’ve got your website, you effectively have your “shop”. But it’s currently in the middle of nowhere. To get visitors, you have to put your shop in the middle of the online “High Street”.

Being top of Google will get you traffic for visitors searching for your product or service. This is achieved through Organic Search Marketing, but can take some time to achieve results, and no-one can guarantee results (but the effects are long lasting once achieved).

The quickest way to be “top” of Google is through Paid Search marketing. You take part in an “auction” to get your company top of Google, but pay every time someone clicks. The benefit is that you are only paying on results (every time someone clicks), but if your website isn’t set up to convert correctly, it can get very expensive. With a proper strategy in place, Paid Search marketing will create a tap of enquiries that you turn on and off when needed.

The above two options are based around people searching for your product or service. But what if they’re not actively searching for it? Social Media Marketing enables you to reach customers through the power of Facebook advertising, where you can target your ideal customer by demographic and get your advert right in front of them. This is also ideal for competitive industries, as it enables you to get your company’s name in front of your potential customers before they even start searching.

Once you’ve reached a customer through the above messages, remarketing enables you to continue to put your company name and offer in front of your customer. If you’ve ever searched for a product before, looked at it, and then keep seeing the same product pop up on lots of sites, then you’ve received remarketing advertising. Very rarely will a customer buy the first time they visit your site. So you need to keep reminding them of your offering until they are in a position to buy. Remarketing is commonly provided through Facebook and Google powered advertising across websites.

Organic Search

Being “top of Google” is the holy grail. Lots of free traffic for the product or service you offer!

But the lure of free traffic means that many businesses have invested significantly in their content to get them to the top.

Competitive search terms such as “holidays” or “loans” would be insanely expensive to now rank a website at number 1 for.

But localised searches such as “Bracknell Accountants” or “Builder in Crowthorne”, whilst competitive, are more viable to rank for.

The downside to Organic Search marketing is that there’s no guarantees, and it can take a long time to rank. But once you’ve ranked, the benefits can last a very long time.

Google loves content, so Organic Search marketing is based around content creation – both on your website, and on other websites with links back to your website (backlinks). This content can be a mix of written content, and video content (Google owns YouTube, so video on YouTube can really help your search engine ranking).

We’ll create a content strategy that not only helps improve your search engine position, but highlights your difference and attracts customers from other websites to your service.

Paid Search

Need more visitors to your website almost immediately? Paid search marketing can provide traffic almost instantly.

With Paid Search marketing, you pick the phrases you want to bid to be shown for, such as “Solicitors Berkshire”, or to get more targeted traffic, “Family Law Solicitors Newbury”.

You bid for how much you’re prepared to pay for each click, and every time someone searches for that phrase an “auction” takes place, with Google placing the highest bidding phrase at the top. When someone clicks on the link to your website, you pay.

We’ll create a strategy that ensures you only bid on the phrases that produce the best results for you, and work to bring down your “CPC” – Cost Per Click.


It’s rare that someone buys your service the first time they visit your website. It’s akin to asking for a hand in marriage on the first date!

The first visit should be the first of many to your website. So rather than hoping they remember your company and come back (how many times have you visited a website and then forgotten the company name when you’ve wanted to go back), remarketing “follows” that visitor around the web, consistently reminding that visitor of your company.

You can either reinforce your key message, or highlight other messages that the visitor may not have seen on your website during their first visit.

Adverts can be displayed within Facebook news feed, or across lots of websites, using Google technology.

We’ll create a strategy that communicates your key messages to the right visitors, based on the interaction they’ve had with your website.

Social Media Marketing

How would you like to reach your potential customers before they’ve even started looking for your service?

Social Media marketing is very powerful at reaching buyers just before they are ready to buy, putting you ahead of your competition.

Facebook provides precision targeting, enabling you to be very specific about the type of person you put your advert in front of.

The content you advertise can range from just text, to an image, a link to your website, or even a video.

Make a first impression before any other business does!

We can discover how many of your ideal customers are available to reach through Facebook, simple get in touch for a free website strategy planning meeting.

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