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The “design” of a website is only one small aspect of website creation – hence why we don’t call this section “website design”.

Whilst the design of a website is very important, on its own, it won’t create customers.  The design won’t sell the benefits of your product or service – that’s what professional copywriting will do.

Equally, high quality photography and video will showcase your products and services in a way that even copywriting can’t do.

The design of a website brings together the words, images and video, to display them in the best way.  But without the right content, the design alone won’t work.

Website Design

The basis of any website is the design.

Most important, is the ability for the website to display correctly on mobile phones.

Google now reduces the ranking of websites that aren’t “mobile friendly”. Equally, a hard to navigate website on a mobile phone is very off-putting for a visitor.

A website that is well designed is easy to navigate for a visitor, being guided to the correct pages that explain the differences your business offers.

It’s not just about looking great – it’s about getting visitors to convert in to customers.


The words on your website are vital for converting visitors in to customers.

Without the right words, you won’t explain your product or service to them in a way that makes them want to buy.

Whilst you may be the expert of your business, a copywriter is the expert is explaining your business to potential customers.

If you’ve written the content for your own website, discover what difference professionally written copywriting brings to your website’s conversion rate.


They say a picture paints a thousand words.

What do the images on your website say about your business?

If you’re using generic “stock” images from an image library, your business will come across as generic, and risk not looking genuine (anyone can set up a website with a few stock images).

Instil confidence in your website visitors by showcasing your business through photos of you, your team and your products and services.

Whilst you can take photos yourself using your phone’s camera, naturally, they won’t look professional. A professionally taken photo will ensure your company is represented in the way you want it to be.


Video is very much “in” on the web – yet many businesses are still not taking advantage. Get ahead with professional video, that can communicate your message even more effectively than words and images alone.

Video has so many benefits. YouTube is owned by Google – so a video hosted on YouTube can be very positive for your Google ranking.

Facebook is heavily promoting video over other content in its news feed (just look at how many videos show on your Facebook feed).

And Facebook is pushing “Facebook Live” – still very underused, so use it before it gets saturated!

Video can showcase your personality, as well as communicate a message almost as if you are sat in front of your potential customer.

With Plastic Box, you’ll receive a full professional camera setup, with high quality sound recording and lighting.

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